April 2017   Can you imagine what it would be like if you couldn’t read the Bible? How would you learn about God? How would you know that Jesus Christ, God in the flesh, came to earth to seek and save the lost, died for our sins, raised on the third day, ascended into heaven, and is coming again? Without the written word or the ability to read you wouldn’t know any of these things until someone shared God’s Story with you. 75% of the Bible is story. People can learn the character of God, the character of man, life applications, and how they fit into the body of Christ through learning His stories and then engaging in questions.

Stories of Glory mentors, equips, and empowers pastors and leaders in the art of biblical storytelling, and reach the oral and preferred oral learners with the Gospel. Our ultimate goal is changed hearts and minds and make true followers of Jesus Christ. I present, teach, and train others to tell the God’s stories in such a way that oral learners can learn and grow in the full counsel of the Word of God.

I gave workshops on the art of Biblical Storytelling every day in South Asia and taught more than 25 stories. In addition, I worked with the local director of Deborah Ministries. The large conference room was crowded to learn the Word of God. We had oral learners at several of the workshops. They learned stories so quickly, it amazed me! They could repeat them with so much accuracy, focused when listening and excited when retelling and discussing the Bible story. The depth and weight of their answers encouraged me.

I taught the graduating students of a Bible School and the Dean asked me to develop a curriculum for Bible Storying to teach theology, doctrine, and spiritual formation as found in the Pauline Epistles. He also asked me to compile a book with biblical stories. I would be returning to South Asia to teach pastors, leaders, church planters, and students.

I worked with 600 pastors and their wives. Some pastors are using Biblical storytelling in sermons. They're having great success by highlighting the depth of spiritual formation and Bible knowledge in their congregations.

Next, I attended an Orality Conference. There is a huge demand for teaching the art of Bible Storying, so effective in teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the oral learner. I also worked with a holistic ministry organization. I’ll develop a curriculum and holistically train impoverished women start small businesses. The need is great. Please help. Your donations will help train and empower women entrepreneurs in South Asia and support Stories of Glory to train pastors, leaders, and church planters to reach the oral learners with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. “Share with the Lord’s people who are in need.” (Rom. 12:13)

On April 13–17, I’ll be teaching and telling the Passion week of Christ through the eyes of Mary Magdalene in Guatemala.

Please pray that I teach and tell with all the passion and love of Jesus Christ. Let me know if you are encouraged by our ministry. Your prayers and support are greatly appreciated. To God be the glory!                      — Jackie

The summer has been packed full of holistic ministry for Stories of Glory. I had the opportunity to spend almost a month in South Asia working with pastoral students in two Bible Schools. We focused on the deity of Jesus Christ, which lead us into an in-depth study of key stories from the Gospel of John. At the end of our time together, the students of one school learned six chapters from the Gospel of John and the students in the other school learned eight. It was truly an exciting time! We also had a VBS with approximately 500 student ages 5 – 18 and a Youth Camp with 300 students ages 19 – 35.

I taught and told God’s stories all day long. Many came to Christ. South Asia is hungry for Jesus Christ. It is so beautiful. “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few” (Matt 9:37). Please join me in this ministry. Your donations will greatly help. They are asking me to make videos so they can listen. Each video costs $200.00 to film, edit, and upload to my website for their viewing. My goal is to produce a video each week, teaching and telling God’s stories. Please help support this initiative to spread God’s stories all over South Asia. Thank you so very much.!                                                                 — Jackie

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March, 2017:  Last month, while in California, I got to share the Gospel with a young man who was out of work and in the process of moving to San Diego. I shared the story of when Jesus walked on the water and Peter got out of the boat to walk with Him. We talked about faith and life struggles that challenge our faith. He shared his story about working through some of his own tough struggles. He did not know Christ, but Christ’s love drew him in and he listened. God blessed me to be a sower of the seed. I trust that God will send someone else to water that seed, and that God will make it grow. (1 Cor 3:6)

On March 12–25 I will be in South Asia for holistic ministry and to train pastors and leaders in the art of Biblical storytelling. There is a great hunger for the Word of God in South Asia. I will be returning three times a year for ministry.

On April 1st, I will be teaching the art of Biblical storytelling to Sunday School teachers in Lancaster, PA. at the Children’s Ministry Conference at Lancaster Bible College.

On April 13–17, I will be teaching and telling the Passion week of Christ through the eyes of Mary Magdalene in Guatemala.

Please pray that I teach and tell with all the passion and love of Jesus Christ. If you are encouraged about our ministry, I would love to share more with you. Your prayers and support are greatly appreciated. I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you so very much.  — Jackie