July 2018: Hello from Nigeria. Stories of Glory is having a wonderful month, interacting with locals in the community and teaching the Bible Metanarrative at the ECWA Theological Seminary. We have been working on the Old Testament section of Metanarrative Bible Course and will complete our study, this week, as we chart our path into the New Testament.

Working with the pastors, missionaries, and church planters has been a significantly moving experience. They are all mature graduate students who come with a wealth of a wisdom, knowledge, and pastoral experience. Each class we are teaching sets out to dedicate ample time for the study of apologetics, homiletics, leadership, and drama as we dig deep into the Scriptures, after the introduction of each biblical story.  The students and faculty are purely saturated in the word of God as they trace His plan of redemption for mankind from Genesis through Revelation. Together, as one body united in Christ, we are having an awesome time reasoning well and allowing “iron to sharpen iron.”

When we engage in healthy debate of what we are learning, I occasionally ring a bell to reel us all back in - especially when time grows short for concluding the arguments. There are rules: whomever has the floor has our undivided attention and with Bible in hand, they never bring an argument without a verse or two to validate their point. When an argument is met by opposition each student must present a grounded argument, but only with the utmost respect for their brother or sister in Christ. This comradery and health debate lifts a sweet aroma into the air, oftentimes, with prayer, petition and much thanksgiving.

In addition to our studies at the seminary, I have been ministering at two churches in The Bush – I love the people and they love the Word of God. Most are new born believers in Christ with a desire for the Lord’s power and presence in their life; they yearn for that personal relationship with Jesus Christ. One of the churches is very diverse, its members speaking in four different language groups. One Sunday, we only had six Bibles in the entire church, so the ratio is about one Bible to ten people (we have 55-60 in attendance). Yet, despite limited resources, we were able to walk through the story of Creation and the Fall of Mankind; these beautiful stories helped the congregation fully understand how sin and death enter the perfect world that God had created. Harmony in God’s creation was abruptly destroyed as sin washed over the beautiful newness, corrupting our relationship with the Father; humankind was suddenly separated from God, but in his divine omnipotence, he had a great plan of redemption.  That conversation led to a study of Isaiah and an in-depth look at what God said through him, about our redeemed, the Messiah; we took time to read this precious Scripture in all four languages. The remaining Sundays in this Month will be dedicated to the birth of Christ, His ministry, death, burial, resurrection, and ascension.  This experience has been so rewarding in many ways.

These young believers are growing but not yet rooted in their faith, so we are going to dedicate the remaining Sunday, this month, to teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, our Lord, and Savior. I will be telling and be teaching key Bible stories about the life of Christ – trusting God to bring the students a deep understanding of His message – and how to sow it deep within their hearts. Please pray for the power of the Holy Spirit to be present in a mighty way. They need to know God’s story. They need know about the undying love of Christ for them, and that his death on the cross – to absolve their sins – was so that each one of them could have eternal life, in Heaven. Teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the very importance of the vision and mission of Stories of Glory.

As you read in the Newsletter, the ECWA Radio Station has asked me to record several biblical stories with topical messages for broadcast and for the students here at the seminary. We have completed three, so far, and we’d like to record a total of 10-12 messages. The extreme challenges remain without the stability of reliable electrical grids. Please pray for us as we continue to work on the radio spots; they will be available on Stories of Glory website as I have connectivity.

Thank you for reading and praying for Stories of Glory. We greatly appreciate the spiritual support and continue to ask for financial support as you are able; we need to raise $7000.00 for supplies, printed materials, and travel expenses incurred from both our South Asia and Nigeria mission trips. Thank you!

 — Jackie

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June 2018: Greetings from South Asia!       –Newsletter –

Friends, it’s been an exciting and busy month in South Asia.  Stories of Glory is hard at work, carrying the light of Christ into the region. Since we arrived, the past two weeks have filled with educating pastoral students in 2 Bible Colleges in the region; we have taken an in-depth look at the stories of Elijah and Elisha through the art of biblical storytelling. The students have joyfully dug deep into the Word of God to embrace the heart of the message from the stories of Elijah and Elisha; during this time, they also participated in a drama presentation of Elijah and Elisha’s faith journey at the Pastor’s Conference. This month was full of biblical storytelling workshops, sessions, classroom hours at the Bible Colleges and a Youth Conference. We taught 8-10 hours during each weekday and 4 hours on Saturday; additionally, we’ve presented sermons and sessions on the weekends, since we arrived mid-month.

The students at one of the DE&A Bible Schools have now graduated and have a hunger for God’s Word in their lives! As graduates of the school, we are praying each one will help develop drama teams in the churches they will be pastoring or planting. Students in the other Bible School are now headed into the field with the fire and passion of Christ in their hearts to plant new churches in their home or neighboring communities; we see a large percentage of them that are determined to use drama and story-telling, in teaching and preaching the Word of God.

Stories of Glory needs your help: we need to raise $7000.00 for supplies, printed materials, and travel expenses incurred from both the South Asia and Nigeria mission trips. If not for the ability we have to teach the word of God through oral storytelling, the students would not be able to take the word back into communities - some areas have only twenty-five percent literacy. Without the art of story-telling, many in these communities would not be able to know if the love of Christ was rooted deep in their hearts. This is the very importance of the vision and mission of Stories of Glory.

Please join us in prayer and donate as the Lord leads your heart; Stories of Glory is a non-profit 501C3 and all donations are tax-deductible. For MORE about this ministry: click here for the May issue Stories of Glory Newsletter!

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Archived Blog Entries from Jackie, click here