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Jackie is a godly lady with a passion to teach the Word of God. Because of her excellent seminary education, she is able to exegete the Scriptures and expound them clearly. She is a great teacher and loves people. She will be a blessing and an encouragement wherever she goes.

Homer Heater, Professor Emeritus

Capital Bible Seminary

Jackie is the epitome of the meaning of the word, enthusiasm! She is a very gifted bible story teller with a deep love of God. Jackie is a sincere and honest person who can help infuse new life into a group of people.

Michael O'Donnell

Pastoral Care Coordinator

Evangelical Lutheran Church, Frederick, MD

Ms. Johnson is a person of dedication to her craft. She possess a vibrant personality and is comfortable with different sized groups. She is likeable, receptive to others, and a credit to her profession.

Dr. John E. Brown, Retired Clergyman

Jackie spoke at our women's ministry luncheon in December. She had everyone's attention as she pulled everyone into her story. Jackie's story and God’s story were beautifully intertwined.

Working with Jackie to prepare for our event was wonderful. She offered ideas, listened intently to what we wanted, and then let the Holy Spirit lead her. I would recommend Jackie for future speaking engagements.

Janet Madison

Women’s Ministry Leader

Cedarbrook Community Church

May I hold up Jackie Towns for your eyes and ears?  It is my great pleasure, as I have known and loved this gifted woman for almost two years now. It has been a weekly time together, as she teaches the Bible to interested people at our church.

She leads us with passion and such knowledge about the Word. She gives of herself to be God's voice, God's instrument, and we blessed students hear the Word differently from ever before. She takes on the voices, the postures as she tells Bible stories; the personages come alive right before your eyes. We come to understand God and His Beloved Son differently, more deeply and intimately, through her. We are so grateful!

Thank you for this opportunity to speak of Jackie and her discipleship.


Judy Bergeson, Diaconal Minister

The Evangelical Church of America

I thoroughly enjoyed hearing and seeing Jackie present the Bible in a way that was easy to understand.  Her presentation put me in the story and gave me the background of the characters and the times. In addition to that, I can sense her love and passion for Jesus Christ which allowed me to be drawn into the presence of God. At one point, I looked around and could see how the ladies were also captivated by Jackie’s storytelling. I am looking forward to one day walking with her on the grounds that Jesus walked and hearing her bring the Bible to life.

N. Lucy Salah

Director of the Singles Ministry
Cedarbrook Community Church

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